La M.O.D.A. (aka La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol) is an acoustic music septet born in Burgos five years ago. Audiences and critics agree on the originality of their proposal (combining acoustic instruments with other unusual ones like the accordion, banjo, mandolin or saxophone), their live performances and their easy to spot band identity.

In its five year history, the group has released several EPs and two albums, whose acceptance has led them to perform at major festivals and stages in Spain, as well as gain foothold in the most important media channels. Without record label, only thanks to the support of a loyal fan base that is growing every day.
   The band has thrown more than 250 gigs in Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is important to highlight the band's appearances in some of the most important festivals (Bilbao BBK Live, Sonorama, International Festival of Benicassim, La Mar de Músicas, Cruïlla Barcelona, Al Rumbo, Arenal Sound, Actual, Músicos de la naturaleza, BIME, FACYL, etc) and tours by theaters around the country. (3 consecutive sold out at Sala El Sol de Madrid and 2 consecutive in the Burgos Teatro Principal, sold out in Joy Slava (Madrid), Sala Penelope (Madrid), Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao), El Hangar (Burgos) among many others. The band has shared stage with international touring artists such as Mark Knopfler, Dropkick Murphys, Frank Turner ...
New album 'La Primavera del Invierno'
   Recorded in Garate Studios and produced by Santi Garcia (Standstill, The New Raemon, Toundra), La M.O.D.A.'s second album is a definite step towards the consolidation of a project that stands out for its authenticity. And that is precisely what these 10 new songs transmit. The raspy voice and the accordion remain the flag of the group and their new compositions reflect the cocktail of sounds that influence the septet, but, unlike any previous works, La M.O.D.A. sounds more than ever like a group, the result of endless hours of road and rehearsal. The title of the LP is inspired by the novel "Spring with a broken corner 'by Mario Benedetti and refers to the duality between good and bad things in anyone's life. As for the lyrics, they talk about feelings, thoughts and memories of anyone ever closer to adulthood and further from the childhood age. Learning to live, accepting and overcoming losses and daily blows, how all those moments teach you to hold on to the good times. And they also talk about criticism and dissent, with the rest and with oneself.

Collaborations with Gorka Urbizu (Berri Txarrak) and Maria Rodés put the icing on an album that brings together 'impossibles': it is dense and both easy to digest; It is more calculated than its predecessor but does not lose immediacy; there is more variety, but the whole is more cohesive. Imagine playing Bruce Springsteen with The Pogues or Yann Tiersen recording an album with The Clash. That's 'La Primavera del Invierno': the picture of a band struggling to find itself without losing the rage and spontaneity along the way.



Photo: Virgina Rota y Silvia Grav.